Illustrating for Entirely Me’s new gender inclusive kids collection

Vega and I are sketching today, getting inspirations from the tots in the Tot Lot.  Working on a fashion illustration for the brand, Entirely Me.  They are launching their new gender inclusive kid’s collection.

Entirely Me Illustration!

Entirely Me Illustration!

Check out Entirely Me’s apparel here:

To the King of Fun, Brian Knowles

Brian Knowles is just so kissable

Brian Knowles is just so kissable

When I look around today at the people here at your memorial celebration, it’s obvious that this is your crowd. You are the King of Fun, and we are all happy subjects that have dwelled in your kingdom of good times and adventures.

On this bittersweet day, you have once again gathered the peoples together. As we look into each other’s eyes today we will see your spirit residing. The intimacy, honesty, warmness, passion, generosity and joy that you gave to us, is now part of us.

Your kingdom of Love and Laughter prevails! I will always be inspired by your light..and snarkiness.

Today’s Fitting! Arf.

Parker in a Puffer

Parker in a Puffer

For today’s fitting, we have the challenge of having our photos fit properly across many body types.  Flurry, fluffy, skinny and short….Seniors… and so youthful that we just can’t even.  These two prototypes of the Puffer and the Sweatshirt Hoodie are for the production of the great Instagram e-commerce pet brand Lucy & co.


Cool Chavi, with the designer Darlene

Cool Chavi, with the designer Darlene

Chavi modeling the puffer

Chavi modeling the puffer

Ms. Ivory, top fashion model from the 1990's

Ms. Ivory, top fashion model from the 1990’s

New comer model, Scout, werkin it

New comer model, Scout, werkin it

Prototype in progress

Prototype in progress

Stone Work- Art Deco Motif Design

       Original Sketch for Art Deco Stone Motif for 1930's residential building in Brooklynpaper design for 570

The design draws from the unique architectural details and expresses the character of the art deco 1939 Brooklyn co-op building.  If you look in the center of the design you will see the building, shown with a stone torch finial that are present on the rooftop parapet.  The elongated swirls on both sides of the artwork represent the beautiful and majestic sycamore trees that canopy Westminster Road.  The tall shapes behind the swirls depicts the New York City skyline in the distance.  The floral motifs with leaves at the  bottom corners represent the grounds of the property with it’s lush gardens.  At the top of the plaque, is the bright noon sun shining down with it’s ray.  The middle shell/fan design, the swirls, chevron and flowers are all art deco elements found on the original decorative stones on the building,  and the dripping elaborate deco motifs on the ceiling of the ornate lobby.  In order to create a stone from a paper design, a woodcarver must create a wood panel relief.  Although hand carving is a dying art, we thankfully found someone in Brooklyn who could take on the project.  Tamer and Tamer of Brooklyn has the capability to do the carving completely mechanically by their 3-D computerized carver.  However, they decided to carve it the old fashioned way.  Once completed, the panel will then go to the stone mason who will create four stones to be placed in the brick piers of our front entry.  Due to damage, the front piers and walls had to be rebuilt. The new improved front entry includes; adding the deco stone to the piers, replacing the wall planters with a clean slate of coping, shatter-resistant globe lighting, and new stone caps on the piers.

And Then Finally……..… the final product, in stone.  The new and improve lamp posts fit for this grand and glamourous Brooklyn building ..






Steve Schalchlin and the Kalopsia Project


I was asked to participate in The Kalopsia Project by a friend. The project involves getting artist to complete 137 portraits of people living with AIDS in the US.  This number signifies the fact that 137 people contract HIV every day in the United States alone. This exhibit is to create a visual of the daily impact of HIV and AIDS that still exists.  I said yes, that I would love to participate and help bring awareness to an epidemic that I admit, I haven’t thought of in years.

Thus began my search to find someone living with AIDS that would participate and have their portrait done by me. I Googled “living with HIV/AIDS in New York City” and found a New York Times article from 2013. It portrayed a diverse spread of people. They were the people I had in mind; a sister, grandmother, a friend or co-worker.
CHRISSIE_DOWLER_PIED_BEAUTY_STEVE SCHALCHLINOne man caught my attention immediately, from the photograph in the article. Head held high, huge smile and staring straight into the clear blue sky from a Manhattan high-rise balcony. I would be so happy to have just painted that picture.  His name is Steve Schalchlin, and I starting to hard-core stalk him online. This wasn’t difficult since I found his presence everywhere. He is super accomplished, a contributor to humanity on many levels, and an open book.  Steve is a singer, songwriter, actor, teacher. His blog on living with AIDS is renowned, it has helped and supported people nationwide. Steve then wrote songs..which in turn  became an Off-Broadway musical about the subject.  He teaches students to be talented composers.  His endeavors have help people who are victims of bullying and violence. Seriously!! For instance, he happened to borrow John Lennon’s piano to play a song he wrote to a family who lost their son to a gay-bashing incident…..he performed it on their front lawn. There needs to be 8 million copies of Steve.
So it came, I got to meet the wonderful Steve Schalchlin.  I met him at his apartment where he lives with his partner, Jim Brochu. I was there to sketch, take photographs, and also get a feel of how I want his portrait to be.  Walls painted deep red, framed playbills and posters, autographed photos from Barbara Streisand, and Lucille Ball (omagaaaahhhh!), his apartment is like walking though the halls of an wondrous theater on Broadway. I see the rich, exciting life that they have built.
Steve showed me his studio, where he composes and creates. I even got a free private concert…and a fashion show.
I decided to compose the portrait of Steve with the red walls behind him, and with purple orchids he had on his table (that someone gave them). Of course, I had to buy myself orchids as reference.
In the portrait I put him in a suit, with an oriental silk tie that has jacquard dragons…Jim had brought him this tie from Indonesia.
As I always choose different albums to listen to when I do a project, I downloaded Steve’s music from iTunes.  Steve is the strongest inspiration I have to live life to the fullest, to put everything into my art and projects, and stop being a lazy sack.  Everyone should know Steve Schalchlin.
Links to Steve’s work and blogs:
Link to the Kalopsia project:

Today’s Fitting

Photo Sep 20

Today’s fitting is brought to you by….the letter “N”….for our lovely fit model, Miss Nadia!

It’s time to celebrate, we got in the fit samples for the new kid’s line, Entirely Me. For first protos, they came in looking fantastic.

Entirely Me is a children’s clothing brand that stands for self-expression, allowing kids to be entirely themselves as they discover their own sense of style. The mastermind behind this fresh new concept is Katie Martino.

Katie and I started working on her brand this summer. She told me her vision of creating a line of kid’s clothes where the designs are largely inspired by kids themselves. The styles would pleasantly unisex and durable, built to last and can be easily passed from brother to sister….and vice versa.

I love working on this brand!! Design-wise, there is so much depth, even though the product is easy-breezy. The styles include superfun elements of adjustability, to personalize the look, and to allow for growth. Everything is reversible, adjustable, and modular. A simple t-shirt can transform into a cute gathered cap sleeve dress !

Photo Sep 20-3              Photo Sep 20-5                  CHRISSIE_DOWLER_CHILDRENS_DESIGNER2

Thank you to the fabulous fit team: Katie, Nadia and her Mama Achara!!

Will be back very soon for round two of protos! 🙂



Flatbush Artist Studio Tour 2015

SAVE THE DATE FAST 2015It’s happening!! It is time for the Flatbush Artist Studio Tour 2015! Here is a highlighted artists for this October’s tour:
Laolu Senbanjois a visual artist, musician and performer. When looking at his artwork, you
are embarking on a journey. You will meet people, visit neighborh
oods of New York City or be
transported to his hometown of Nigeria, and you will hear his music. Laolu’s rich cultural background and involvement in human rights add more narratives to the story
his art shares. He is known for his large scale charcoal and painted works, and has often brought them to life before a crowd at live local events.“ My art is spiritual. Nothing in life happens by accident. Art is what you call it. Life is what you make it. Every symbol has a meaning. Every face has an expression. The different patterns tell their own stories.”

French Open 2015 J’adore the badass ball girls


CHRISSIE_DOWLER_PIED_BEAUTY_TENNIS_PUNKJ’adore the 2015 French Open ball girl’s uniform!

The high contrast black and white is trés badass. Even our hardcore tennis punk, Mars Williams, is impressed.
Thank you designer Yohji Yamamoto!
This is a fashion result of the collaboration between Adidas and Y-3.  My favorite features of the young ladies outfits are the pleated black mini skirt with the flash of white in the gussets, and the back block statement graphic “WE ARE TENNIS.COM” However, what can’t go unnoticed are the  totally tubular knee socks.  Black with pieced on white Adidas signature three stripes applied on.  They are seriously an ace.  Game Set Match !!