We specialize in special projects, especially.

Pied Beauty, LLC is an all-inclusive design service that offers art, illustration, design and styling services to various industries around the globe. Clients often seek the unique styling and artistic edge of Pied Beauty to help set their establishment apart from the rest.

Pied Beauty, LLC stands for all the spots, scars, freckles, flaws and imperfections that make us different. The rough raw edges curled burnt crusts that create interest and allow us to stand out. Seeing what makes us different makes the world beautiful. We celebrate the small, the unseen and the unusual.

Chrissie Dowler is widely known in the New York fashion world, working as a fashion designer for large companies such as Henri Bendel, Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne. Having worked for many fashion labels for over 10 years, Chrissie has seen much of the inner workings of the industry: the good, the bad and the ugly. During her business-related travels, she has been deeply inspired by the beauty of other cultures, while also appalled by the low standards of environmental and human conditions in factories.
Recognizing the large impact that the fashion industry has on the world, she currently works to promote an industry that can be inspired by a new precedence, where fashion contributes more to humanity and takes less from the earth. She is also an illustrator and artist, and has illustrated several published children’s books, including “Madison in Manhattan”.

Chrissie and her art are usually inspired by the liveliness and cultures of New York City, humor, and the disobedient.